Welcome to ADN Systems

A revolutionary mesh DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) network designed for amateur radio enthusiasts worldwide.

Launched on April 21, 2024, by a visionary group of 20 international amateur radio enthusiasts,
ADN Systems operates on an Open Bridge Protocol (OBP), fostering a decentralized network
devoid of hierarchical structures.

Here, every keeper of repeaters, hotspots, bridges, and servers enjoys complete autonomy over
their equipment. Gone are the days of amateurs dictating to amateurs; instead, our network
empowers individuals to control their own stations and contribute to the collective experience.

We embrace the spirit of collaboration and innovation, uniting amateurs from diverse backgrounds
and locations under a shared vision of advancing digital radio technology.
Whether you’re a seasoned operator or just embarking on your amateur radio journey,
join us in shaping the future of communication.

Experience the REAL freedom of connectivity with ADN Systems – where amateurs lead the way.